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 Security Cameras

Protect your business with Security Cameras from Cyber Services.  Security Cameras are now more affordable for business owners than ever before, and more needed than ever before too.  Think about it, having a way to look back at instances in time, now having the ability to resolve them appropriately.  Solving issues, protecting your investment, and securing your business, and Security Cameras from Cyber Services can help.

Because of the age of the smart phone, HD cameras are now mass-produced, allowing for HD Security Cameras to be installed at your business for nearly the price of out-dated analog.  HD security cameras can see more, clearer, and not only for clarity, but for coverage.  With utilizing HD pixels you can cover larger areas more effectively, saving you money with less cameras.  Bottom line, HD security cameras often require less cameras to cover large area, provide better clarity, and protect your business even more.

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Man checking security cameras from phone

Watch your business from anywhere!


Right from your smart phone, tablet, or PC, you can keep an eye on your business.  Monitor your business from your home, job-site, or on a beach.  As long as you have a high-speed internet connection and your device you can see what’s going on.  You can even replay events to see what’s already happened!

Our system is easy to use and we pre-configure your devices after installation.

Expert Installation


We don’t just sell security cameras, but we provide expert survey and installation.  Make sure investment is handled properly, by getting it professional configured and installed by Cyber Services.  Our systems are tested and configured for optimum performance, cameras are aligned for best coverage and visibility, and are installation is second to none.

Let our years of experience put you at ease that your investment is going to function when you need it.

Man installing Security Cameras
Solar Panel powering Security Cameras

Solar Powered Installations


With the use of solar power systems we can install cameras in the most remote locations.  As long as we have visibility to the sun, we can install a camera.  Also, with our extensive wireless background, in most cases we can even get the camera directly linked back to your DVR, making it co-exist in your existing camera system.

This is perfect for construction sites, farms, or any remote areas in need of security cameras.

Work Accidents


You no longer have to be liable for a work accident that is either frivolous or the fault of an employee.  Not only can you review work accidents, but a security camera system can keep employees more cautious, preventing them from happening in the first place.

Protect yourself and your business with security cameras by Cyber Services.


Accident being monitored by security cameras
Man caught by police because of security cameras

Protect your property


Security cameras don’t just catch footage of incidents, but often prevents them.  When the worst happens, be prepared to have the evidence you need to recover your loss, with also deterring the loss from happening in the first place.

Having security cameras protects you against incidents, accidents, and thefts that have happened, but they also help prevent them from happening in the first place.  Be prepared with Cyber Services.

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